Đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 3 (Có file nghe)

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Nội dung text: Đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh Lớp 3 (Có file nghe)

  1. PRIMARY SCHOOL FINAL TEST CLASS: Subject: English 3 NAME: Time allowed: minutes PART 1. LISTENING Question 1: Listen and number. a. b. c. d. Question 2: Listen and circle. 1. What toys do you like? A. B. 2. What are they doing? A. B. 3. Where is the dog? A. B. 4. Is there a fence around the A. B. house? Question 3: Listen and colour. 1. My jeans 2. Nam 3. Mai 4. Nga and Phong Question 4: Listen and draw the lines.
  2. A B C D 0 Question 5: Listen and complete. PART II. READING AND WRITING Question 6. Read and write Yes or No. 1. She has three cats. 1 2 2. I like ships. 3 3. There’re three beds in the bedroom. 4 4. It’s hot in Ha Noi. .
  3. Question 7: Match the questions with the answers. 1. What's your name? 1- a a. My name's Linda. 2. Where are you cycling? 2 . b. It's cloudy and windy. 3. What's the weather like in Hanoi? 3 . c. In the park. 4. What are they doing? 4 . d. Yes, it is. 5. Is it sunny today? 5 . e. They are flying kites. Question 8: Put the words in order. 1. a/ living/ large/ room/ is/ this/./ 2. There/ is/ in/ house/ the/ bedroom/ a/ ? / 3. Da Nang/ is/ Hue/ near/?/ 4. Ha Noi / the/ in/ weather/ what/ is/ like /?/ Question 9: Choose a word from the box and write it next to numbers from 1-4. skating playing weather flying park The (0) weather is fine today. It’s sunny and windy. We are in the (1) Mai and Linda are (2) kites. Nam, Phong and Tony are (3) . football. Peter and Quan are(4) We are happy in the park. PART III SPEAKING Question 10. 1. Listen and repeat 2. Point, ask and answer 3. Listen and comment 4. Interview